The Doing of the Thing
The Brief, Brilliant
Whitewater Career of
Buzz Holmstrom
by Vince Welch,
Cort Conley &
Brad Dimock
Sunk Without a Sound
The Tragic
Colorado River
Honeymoon of
Glen & Bessie Hyde
by Brad Dimock
The Very Hard Way
Bert Loper 
and the 
Colorado River
by Brad Dimock
The Brave Ones
The River Journals of Ellsworth and
Emery Kolb
edited by 
William Suran
Every Rapid Speaks Plainly
    The River Journals of
    Buzz Holmstrom
    edited by 
    Brad Dimock
Desert Riverman
The Free-spirited
adventures of
Murl Emery
by Robert S. Wood
The Story of 
Bus Hatch
by Roy Webb

Glen Canyon Betrayed

A Sensuous Elegy

by Katie Lee

The Books of

the Colorado River

& the Grand Canyon

A Selective Bibliography

by Francis P. Farquhar

The Books of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, the Green River & the Colorado Plateau

A Selective Bibliography

by Mike S. Ford

Special offerings from partner publishers
Love Song to Glen Canyon 
Images, Words, & Songs
DVD Companion to 
Glen Canyon Betrayed
Katydid Books and Music
by Katie Lee
Grand Canyon
and other
Selected Poems
Black Star Press
by Amil Quayle
The River is Mine
a novel
Local Color Press
by Ardian Gill
The Grandest Ride
Grand Canyon by Mule
Rio Nuevo Publishers
images by Tom Brownold
text by Brad Dimock
There’s This River
Grand Canyon Boatman Stories
This Earth Press
edited by 
Christa Sadler
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Dispatches from the Republic of Otherness

by Laura Kelly
The Last Voyageur
Amos Burg and the Rivers of the West
The Mountaineers
by Vince Welch

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