There’s This River
Grand Canyon
Boatman Stories

edited by Christa Sadler

238 pages
+ 24 pages of color imagery
foreword by
Scott Thybony
This Earth Press
Trade paperback

A river trip through the Grand Canyon is one of the great experiences of a lifetime, and every river trip is filled with stories. There's This River... Grand Canyon Boatman Stories tells the tales of this experience and this landscape from the perspective of the boatmen who spend their lives guiding people down this river.

First published in 1994, There's This River has become an indispensable addition to any library for those interested in the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, or just plain great storytelling. This expanded second edition includes all the old favorite stories and artwork, and updates the collection with many new pieces.

You'll read about the fastest rowing trip through the canyon on the high water of 1983, and about Eleanor, who found a strength she never knew she had. Brad Dimock’s preposterous encounter with a bighorn sheep. From heroism in flash floods and rescues in rapids, to encounters with red-tailed hawks, this collection ranges from hilarious to bittersweet. These stories will have you laughing and crying, laughing again--and ready to head downstream.

List of Contributors:

George Bain

Jeff Behan

Elizabeth Black

Steve Bledsoe

Lowell Braxton

Dugald Bremner

Mathieu Brown

Ghia Burch

Tim Cooper

Ote Dale

Brad Dimock

Dave Edwards

Kent Erskine

Matt Fahey

Kyle George

Geoff Gourley

Creek Hanauer

Tom Hansen

Charly Heavenrich

Nancy Helin

Tom Janecek

Nathan Jones

Sam Jones

Coby Jordan

Lisa Kearsley

Rebecca Lawton

Teresa Yates Matheson

Bob Melville

Shane Murphy

Raechel Running

Joel Russell

Christa Sadler

Lew Steiger

Larry Stevens

Marieke Taney

Kate Thompson

Scott Thybony

Ellen Tibbetts

Vince Welch

Mary Williams

Tyler Williams

Allen Wilson

Pete Winn