The Grandest Ride

Photography by 
           Tom Brownold

Text by Brad Dimock

44 pages    10.5” x 9”
Full color
Rio Nuevo Publishers
Trade paperback

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For more then one hundred years, mules have carried people and supplies up and down the steep trails of Grand Canyon. These sure-footed creatures have been instrumental in the construction and maintenance the South Rim water pipeline, the trail system, and Phantom Ranch. Instead of hiking it, visitors can still ride mules into the Canyon just as the first tourists did in the 1880s. After descending through layers of rock that represent almost two billion years of earth’s history, the “dudes” astride mules reach Phantom Ranch, where they ca finally dismount, get some rest, and enjoy a steak dinner.

  This beautifully photographed book offers a glimpse into the world of the Grand Canyon mule—the livery operation at the South Rim, the experience of a trail ride with its jaw-dropping scenic views, and the lives of the mules themselves.

Tom Brownold’s award-winning photography has been recognized in the 2nd Annual AGFA Photo Gallery, the 2nd Annual American Photo Contest, the 2003 Geographical Magazine Photographer of the Year (Landscape Category), the 2004 Nature’s Best Photography Magazine Photography of the Year (Man in Nature Category), and the International Color Awards Photography Masters Cup in 2007 and 2008. His photography has been featured in numerous books, magazines, and calendars.

Tom lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he has owned and operated his Tom Brownold Photography business since 1995.