Love Song to Glen Canyon 
Images, Words, & Songs

DVD Companion to 
Glen Canyon Betrayed

by Katie Lee

UPC 7-0026121476
140 photographs
Running time 30 minutes
Katydid Books and Music

Katie Lee takes you into the wild, secret heart of the canyon she loved and explored for over ten years before the waters of the Colorado River were choked off behind Glen Canyon Dam.

This DVD brings you Katie's songs and voice along with 140 images of Glen Canyon, coalesced into a magnificent and touching rendition of the heart of Canyonlands that far too few ever knew. Her book, Glen Canyon Betrayed, conjures the place. The DVD brings it on home.

Discover why Pulitzer Prize author Wallace Stegner called the canyon, "The most serenely beautiful of all the canyons of the Colorado River. And why Sierra Club executive director, David Brower, called the drowning of this national treasure, "America's most regretted environmental mistake."

Katie Lee, in her 40-year career in the entertainment industry, has been an author, musicologist, folk singer, storyteller, Hollywood actress, song writer, filmmaker, photographer, poet, and river runner. She has been active in environmental causes ever since the destruction of her beloved Glen Canyon. Her first book, Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle, tells the story of the American cowboy in song, story, and verse. Her documentary, The Last Wagon, won the 1972 CINE Golden Eagle Award. She is featured in many documentaries, including PBS's Cadillac Desert, based on Marc Reisner's acclaimed book.

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Meredith W. Ogilby photo