The Books of
the Colorado River
& the Grand Canyon
A Selective Bibliography
1753 – 1953

by Francis P. Farquhar

112 pages
new expanded index
Only 400 printed

Trade paperback

Only 150 printed

In 1953 Francis P. Farquhar published his bibliography of the 125 most important books on the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, detailing each chosen work's significance in the history of the region. This book, now long out of print and extremely rare, became the classic reference for those who wished to study the region or collect its significant works.

On its fiftieth anniversary, Fretwater Press joined with Five Quail Books in re-issuing the Farquhar volume in both clothbound for the collector and libraries, and trade paperback for the casual reader and Southwest enthusiast. With new endnotes and index, this book is as important today as it was fifty years ago. A faithful reproduction of the elegant original, in a limited printing.

Francis P. Farquhar, 1887-1974, graduated from Harvard and went to San Francisco to set up in practice as a CPA.

Farquhar was an active Sierra Club leader and served as its president 1933-1935 and 1948-1949, Sierra Club Bulletin editor from 1926 to 1946, and in other club offices as director from 1924 to 1951. Farquhar was a mountaineer who introduced proper use of rope to Sierra Club members on a club trip in 1931. He made multiple first ascents, including the Middle Palisades in 1921. The Colorado River was one of his great loves and made voyages there beginning in 1947.

Farquhar is the author of several books and wrote the foreword for other books. He is best known for his book History of the Sierra Nevada (1946), which is still in print. Mt. Francis Farquhar (12,893') in Kings Canyon National Park, was named in his honor.

Francis and Marjory Farquhar

For a half century Francis P. Farquhar's ever-scarcer little volume has been the most readable, entertaining "list of books" on the Southwest. This elegant reprinting, faithful to the original in every way, steals it back from the realm of pricey collectibles. It glows anew, made modern with new notes and a far more extensive index--a dignified, familiar, and rejuvenated companion at my side again.

Earle E. Spamer
Grand Canyon & Colorado River bibliographer